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Not just an ordinary school... we offer much more !

alpha montessori preschool sunset beach

Hourly care  

Learn & play

Have a meeting to attend, need a break whilst you have a pamper treatment or simply require some quiet time whilst you go shopping? We have you covered! Just phone to book a day in advance and we will happily entertain your child with a variety of activities. Available 8am-5pm Mon-Friday.


Evening / Weekend Services        


Have a function or planning a romantic night out?  Only our enrolled students have the additional service of evening care at school.  A familiar and caring staff member plus the benefit of our online remote viewing allows you peace of mind & an enjoyable evening!

alpha montessori preschool sunset beach

Parent workshops          

Book a workshop

Parenting can be demanding at the best of times, the challenges and intense  moments can seem chaotic, however these workshop are designed around an array of child centred topics to assist you in creating the best possible relationship with your child. We will guide you from tantrums to toilet training, online or in small groups. We also include home visits to assit you with routines and Montessori setups. We are here to walk this path with you and help you discover a peaceful parenting approach that works!

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