We welcome you to the Alpha Montessori School website. 


Choosing a school for your child is an important decision which can set the tone of their educational journey.


While our website provides you with a broad overview of our school, we encourage you to take the time to visit our truly amazing school, where you will enjoy a personal tour, given an opportunity to ask questions and meet with the Principal, see the students and visit the classrooms.


In this way, we trust that you will be well informed in making the best possible decision for your child. 


Mariana Simos

School Principal

Now open - 1 Cardiat Circle, Sunset Beach, 7441
068 282 6855 / 0795050874
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Goals of Alpha Montessori School 


  • Developing a positive attitude toward school
  • Helping each child develop self confidence
  • Assisting each child in building a habit of concentration
  • Fostering an abiding curiosity
  • Developing a habit of persistence and perseverance
  • The child’s inner need for order directly satisfied
Maria Montessori
As we journey through the life of Maria Montessori we will uncover the many obstacles she faced in order to achieve her phenomenal work. Her mother always offered her support.
Her father wanted her to follow a career in teaching; this was not to be and caused a rift in later years.
Our History
Alpha Montessori started in 2007 in the West Coast suburb of Sunset Beach.
2014 sees the opening of Alpha Montessori in the Southern Suburbs town of Diep River, under the watchful eye of School Principal, Mariana Simos. 
2020 will see the expansion of Alpha Montessori in Sunset Beach.
Registration Process
Parents of potential students are encouraged to arrange an appointment with the school principal to ensure that all questions about your child's preschool development phase is covered.
The registration process will be covered during these sessions, amongst other important information.
Browse the "Contact Us" page for our contact details or to request an appointment.

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