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About Alpha Montessori

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The pre-school years are an exceptional time when good foundations can be laid to maximise children’s future learning potential. We prepare each child and nurture their natural desire to learn, allowing them to take their next educational step as independent, self-confident young individuals. Alpha Montessori is a home of discovery, exploration, growth, work and happiness for our "future fathers of mankind" . sensory and hands-on experiences allow for the absorption of activities throughout the child innate sensitive periods , promoting concentration through repetition, whilst perfecting skills required to grow and continue on their journey of learning.


Our pre-school is designed to make it feel like a ‘home away from home’ for your child becoming a place where your child can be him/herself. Our environment is one where we all respect each other, adults and children alike and is a place full of interesting things to do.It becomes a place where your child can grow knowing that they ‘belong’ and that they are special…..this is the Montessori philosophy.



Our method is based on these principal characteristics:


  • Respect for the child and respect for one another.

  • The incorporation of cultural diversity and universal adaptability.

  • The understanding of individuality and independence by freedom of choice.

  • Hands-on learning through didactic materials which refines the senses and teaches a love for work.

  • Promotion of self-discipline and care of oneself through lessons of grace and courtesy.

  • The encouragement of spontaneous concentration which ignites intrinsic motivation and initiative.

  • Through auto education in heterogeneous grouping the integrated curriculum teaches a sense of order and the teacher acts as facilitator in this carefully prepared children’s home.

Alpha Montessori's Method & Objectives

Our objective is to support and encourage your child to discover the joy of learning while becoming creative and independent learners. We allow for experiences of exploration and experimentation with the world around them, to create expression within the child.



Children will develop a positive self-image while acquiring concentration and good work habits. Due to our child friendly prepared environment, the children develop a sense of community and responsibility motivated by courteousness and respect.



The children learn to care to the environment, equipment and share with friends so that they may become aware of their special strengths, abilities and uniqueness. Most of all we encourage independent thinkers and self-reliant “fathers of man” (Maria Montessori)

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Alpha Montessori’s Goals:


  • The main purpose of a Montessori school is to provide a carefully planned, stimulating environment which will help the child develop an excellent foundation for creative learning. Developing a positive attitude toward school is important. Most of the learning activities are individualized so that each child can engage in a learning task that particularly appeals to him because he finds the activities geared to his needs and level of readiness. Consequently, he works at his own rate, repeating the task as often as he likes, thus experiencing a series of successful achievement. In this manner, he builds a positive attitude toward learning itself.


  • Helping each child develop self confidence in the Montessori school, tasks are designed so that each new step is built upon what the child has already mastered, thus removing the negative experience of frequent failure. A carefully planned series of successes builds upon inner confidence in the child assuring him that he can learn by himself. These confidence-building activities likewise contribute to the child’s healthy emotional development.


  • Assisting each child in building a habit of concentration is done by effective learning which presupposes the ability to listen carefully and to attend to what is said or demonstrated. Through a series of absorbing experiences, the child forms habits of extended attention, thus increasing his ability to concentrate.


  • Fostering an abiding curiosity – in a rapidly changing society, we will all be students at some time in our lives. A deep, persistent and abiding curiosity is a prerequisite for creative learning. By providing the child with opportunities to discover qualities, dimensions, and relationships amidst a rich variety of stimulating learning situations, curiosity is developed and an essential element in creative learning has been established.


  • By surrounding the child with appealing materials and learning activities geared to his inner needs, he becomes accustomed to engaging in activities on his own. Gradually, this results in a habit of initiative –an essential quality in leadership. “Ground rules” call for completing a task once began and gradually results in developing a habit of persistence and perseverance for replacing materials after the task is accomplished. This “completion expectation” creates individual life long persistence and perseverance.


  • Finally through a well ordered, enriched but simplified environment, the child’s need for order and security is intensely satisfied. This is noticed in the calming effect the environment has on the child. Since every item in the Montessori classroom has a place and the “ground rules” call for everything in its place, the child’s inner need for order is directly satisfied.


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